Do it at home!

Today is the 19th day of circuit breaker. Usually, most of my clients will visit me once a month for their regular facials and with the extension, they will have to endure till 1st June'20. Some of them expressed their agony while some tried to ask if Im still open for business. I guess all of us should not take any risk right now :) Last few days, most of them have restocked their homecare products from me and I encouraged them to do mini facial at home at least once a week. Of cause there weren't be any extractions involved haha, so what all of us can do is a simple 20-30mins treatment!

1st step: Cleansing

It is very important to choose the right cleanser that suits your skin. This is so-called a PREPARATION STEP. Usually they will get Dr Wilsz Cleansing gel or Hyaluron Cleansing milk or Sensitive Cleansing milk. I do have another type of cleansing gel for more matured and dull skin-Atelecollagen Cleansing gel.

How many of you still put makeup even at home? If you have it on, remember to get a cleansing water to remove all the stubborn makeup and impurities. This step is to be done before the cleanser.

2nd step: Exfoliation

If you have a scrub at home or previously bought from me, use it after the cleansing step! Usually I will recommend you to exfoliate your skin once a week. You may skin this step if you do not have any scrub at home!

3rd step: Tone

Tone your skin! Toner has 2 benefits. First, it's going to thoroughly removes all the impurities that's leftover on your skin. Second, its gonna balance your skin PH back to 5.5

Never ever miss this step!

4th step: Mask

Spread your favourite mask! If you are using sheet mask, yes you may go ahead with it. For those that have tried my cream mask by Dr Wilsz, you will know the benefits and results of it :)

Again, there are different types of mask to choose from, choose something that suits your skin.

Leave it on for 15-20 mins and rinse off with warm water. Dap dry your skin and tone again!

5th step: serum and moisturiser

Finish the mini treatment by applying a suitable serum and moisturiser that suits your skin best!

All along I did not really emphasize on the usage of serums as I do not what you ladies and your skin to get confused. I have been asking you all to get only the moisturiser.

However, for maximum results, you should combine both serum and moisturiser together! I have to warn you that serum will cost slightly more than a moisturiser. Both have different functions on the skin.

This simple DO IT AT HOME TREATMENT will take up about 20-30 mins of your time. You may start it off by doing this treatment once a week. You may gradually increase to 2-3 times a week.

I'll post a simple video afterwards!

Have a good weekend :)

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